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 I worked with Patti Sprafka Wagner and was thrilled with the experience.  I was looking to sell my home of 25 years, and because I was a first-time home seller, I put myself completely in Patti's professional care. I'm very glad I did. Patti gave me suggestions as to what needed fixing up and what was fine as it was. I followed her staging advice on all the rooms, and when the house was ready, we sat down to discuss the price. Patti's research into my local market was exhaustive and compelling. We listed the house at just a little more than I'd anticipated, and began the waiting game. It sure didn't last long. The house was listed on a Monday. There were several showings that week, and by Friday I had an offer, meeting my asking price! Patti was energetic, helpful, and professional every step of the way, but I think what impressed me most was her attention to detail. In walking through the house, nothing escaped her attention. My advice to anyone using Patti's services is that when she makes a suggestion regarding the presenatation of your home...heed the suggestion! It will pay off down the road.   -Richard B.

We  have used Patti multiple times to buy/sell properties as well as assist with renting our condo. She is always professional and helpful throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend her and would  use her services again in the future.  -Tom B.

We found our forever home in River Forest, IL working with Patti as our agent, and could not have asked for a better person to have on our side.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area, and pays attention to every detail of each and every home.  As a buyer this means we really had a  realistic picture of each homes assets and quirks to help inform our decision.  Our closing process was drawn out due to an unforeseen issue with the house, and Patti went the extra mile to make sure we were informed buyers, and were under no pressure.  She was genuine, honest, and trustworthy throughout the entire process, and I would recommend Patti to all my friends and family.    -Cara & Greg K.

Patti  is just the best. I can't recommend her enough. She knows the area and  knows what her clients want. She is thoughtful, communicative, smart,  and honest. I was so nervous with the idea of buying a house, but with  Patti's help, we were able to find the right place at the right price.  We're loving our home and wouldn't be in it without Patti. We are truly  thankful and grateful for Patti's help. I have already recommended her  to multiple friends who are considering buying a house. She gave us the  time, attention, and knowledge that we needed to find our home that we  could build our family in.  -Jenna M.

Patti helped my wife and myself sell our River Forest home after 42 years of living there. Patti brought to the table experience and counsel that was valuable to us selling.  -Patty & Ron P.

As a client of Patti Sprafka Wagner, I was impressed with her commitment to her clients and her solid advice on real estate matters. She made the stressful process of preparing and placing your property on the market run smoothly. She even went extra mile by working over the New Year's Day Holiday  and found the right buyers for our condominium. That is first rate service.   -Vicki G.

Patti  has not just been my personal realtor. She is our family realtor. Over the past seven years she has provided professional leadership for one sale and three purchases for me and for my son and my daughter. Her  years of experience in this market has provided invaluable support for the major life decisions involved in buying and  selling a family home. She is wise, candid, and tenacious in making sure that her clients get a good and fair deal. Thank you Patti!  -Caren V.

My husband and I used Patti to find a home in River Forest. She helped us search for about a year, starting in Oak Park and eventually adding River Forest to our parameters. She is extremely knowledgeable about both cities as well as the tytpical types of homes you will find in each. She helped point out items in the house that could be an issue down the road. She attended and supervised the inspections we had done since we could not be there. She was very helpful throughout the whole process. We have recommended her to several people and will continue to use her for any future home purchases and listings.  -Brenna & Kevin B.

Patti did a great time for us in our home search.  She got to know us, understood what we were looking for, steered us clear of dead ends, and pointed us towards the best options.  When negotiating, she could drive a hard bargain, but was always realistic.  Thanks to Patti, we found the right house for our family.  -Molly M. & JB A.

We relocated from California and Patti was recommended to us by a coworker. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. We started the house hunting process while we were still out in California and she supplied us with a lot of great information and well filtered listings  electronically. After we have arrived in Chicagoland she gave us a great introduction to the local area, the local real estate market, and the Oak Park / River Forest community. She had well laid out house tours ready and was very knowledgeable about technical details, building styles, construction advantages / disadvantages etc. This was super helpful, especially moving in from a completely different climate zone. The negotiation process went very smooth and she guided us well through the whole pricing and negotiation process. And her care did not stop here: during and after closing she also hooked us up with a number of reliable local contractors so that we could get all our little projects done in no time.  By now we are living in our new home and we are very happy with what we got, the price we paid, and the location we found with Patti's help.   -Christoff & Martina B.

Patti is just the best. I can't recommend her enough. She knows the area and knows what her clients want. She is thoughtful, comunicative, smart, and honest. I was so nervous with the idea of buring a house, But with Patti's help, we were able to find the right place at the right price.  We're loving our home and wouldn't be in it without Patti. We are truly thankful and grateful for Patti's help. I have already recommended her to multiple friends who are considering buying a house. She gave us the time, attention, and knowledge that we needed to find our home that we could build our family.  -Lydia & Brian V.

As a young, single, first time buyer, I needed a lot of guidance and had a lot of questions that needed answering. Patti was always quick to respond to any questions I had and gave great advice, taking into careful consideration my needs and wants for my new home. The home we found was perfect for me. I never felt pressured to look at something I didn't want, or that was out of my price range. I would and will recommend Patti to all my closest friends.  -Tyler S.

We bought our home in 2011 and sold it in 2015 with Patti and both experiences were excellent.  In both cases we were new to home purchase/sale and Patti helped walk us through the process and if I might say "held our hand" the whole way.  She gave us all our recommendations for inspectors,  lawyers, and contractors.  Everyone we called said "Oh you're with Patti?  You're in good hands, whatever she says!" (no exaggeration)

Home buy - we looked at 15-20 places.  She had a lot of great input and wasn't afraid to walk away immediately upon entering if the place was a lemon.   The house we bought was perfect, and she helped us negotiate a great price.

Home Sale - her market analysis was spot on.  Her staging advice and professional photography made the house look great.  We got an offer in a couple days, she helped negotiate a price we were happy with, and she worked with us through closing.  It was an FHA loan which is tricky, but she helped with the specially required "appraisal" and follow up.  Patti gets busy sometimes, but she's flexible and makes herself available.

Patti is your trusted adviser, and your realty team's head coach.  She makes the process easy and frankly is a wonderful person.  Would recommend in a heartbeat.  -Jenny S. & Andy C.

Patti helped stage our house to get it ready to sell and priced it competitively. She brought in many interested buyers and did a great job closing the deal.
Patti  and priced it competitively.  Jan G.

Patti was great to work with!  She helped stage our house to get it ready to sell, brought in a lot of interested buyers and spent time with us looking for our new house. She's knowledgeable about the area as well.   -Irene F.

Patti is a top notch agent who excels in home staging and negotiation. She happily took on the selling role for our property.  Patti a very strong agent who knows the Oak Park area. WIth Patti's preparedness we were able to close the deal in less than 45 days and without hitch. I would definitely recommend Patti for future real estate transactions.  -Leslye & James M.

We would highly recommend Patti. Her guidance throughout the process of readying our home, pricing our home, negotiating the terms, and closing the deal was invaluable. She is an expert. We followed her advice, and sold our house quickly!   -Janet & Rich G.

Patti Sprafka Wagner is a remarkable real estate agent. If you are looking for someone who uses her years of experience to actively walk you through the often diificult and frustrating process of buying or selling a home, you can't do better. If you want someone who wil offer both informed opinions and the advice you need to make a decision, Patti is the comsummate pro. Patti worked with our daughter and son-in-law as they searched for a home in Oak Park. During the search they looked at dozens of homes from beautifully redone to "what were they thinking".  Patti pointed out the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of each candidate. When the right house finally emerged, our kids were in a position to recognize it and move quickly because of the time the spent listening to Patti discuss the specifics of the others they had seen. When they made an offer, Patti was invaluable in handling the negotiation process. At each turn, in a somewhat difficult negotiation, Patti counseled patience and good sense. When a competing offer emerged apparently from nowhere, Patti devised a strategy which won the day without our kids having to get involved in a bidding war. While we are thankful that due to Patti's efforts, our daughter and son-in-law are now our neighbors, we are especially grateful that that she worked so hard to get our one-year-old grandson pnly blocks away.   -Walter V.

Being a first time buyer, I was very aprehensive about the whole process, but working with Patti made things very easy. Patti is very knowledgeable about the Oak Park/River Forest real estate market and only wants the best for her clients. I appreciated her honesty and willingness to find the best property for me. I would highly recommend Patti Sprafka Wagner to anyone! -Jenny K.

Patti was extremely easy and fun to work with. As first time buyers, we knew very little abut what to expect. Patti made the process very transparent, and realy gave us an education about each house we saw. We learned so much from working with her. She is an outstanding Realtor who is genuinely concerned about helping her clients make a good, informed chouce. We would definitly work with her again and recommend her highly to others.  -Melissa S. & Derekh C.

Our River Forest home was beautiful and well-maintained, but overloaded with 40+ years of accumulated possessions. We needed to sell quickly, but had no idea how to proceed. Patti walked through the house with us room by room, and explained what we needed to do inside and out to make it attractive to buyers. We did exactly as she suggested--and the result was four serious offers within the first three days on the market! Patti helped us decide among them, and negotiated timig, terms, and price that met our needs. When a few complications arose (as they inevitably do!), Patti owrked with us and our lawyer to resolve them quickly. Patti is energetic, responsive, and knowledgable about the community, the psychology of buyers and sellers, the marketplace, and the process. She was consistently available and supportive throughout the stressful weeks between putting up the "For Sale" sign and closing on the deal. We could have not done it without her!  -Joyce & Tim G.

Patti was great support as we purchased our home. Her knowledge of houses from the inside out was incredibly valuable to us. She made sure we considered all the important factors, and helped us find a home we love! We were also impressed by how well Patti helped sellers stage their homes.  We recommend Patti to anyone buying or selling.  -Kristina & Townsend B.

If you are planning on selling your home and are looking for an excellent real estate agent, we highly recommend Patti Sprafka Wagner. We recently hired Patti to sell our home. As a long-time area Realtor, Patti has terrific intuitive lnowledge of the local market. She expertly guided us through the sale of our house in 7 days, right at her suggested list price. Patti is thorough and honest. She sets realistic expectations and takes care of the myriad of details involved in selling a house. Most importantly, Patti's advice was invauable with regard to the "right" projects to prepare our house for sale and which ones to skip. She's an expert negotiatorand provided sage advice on how to respond to offers and inspection findings. It was a difficult decision to sell our house, but Patti's guidance made the process smoother than we ever expected.   -Selina & Patrick M.

Several years ago my mother downsized and bought a townhome in River Forest. Patti handled both aspects with integrity, efficiency and friendlessness.  When my mother passed away I contacted Patti to handle the sale. She provided and excellent analysis, sugested a selling price and provided tips on preparing the townhome for a good showing. We were leaving for an extended vacation a few days after the initial listing.Patti suggested we sign a power of attorney naming our daughter as our agent "just in case". Given the market, we thought this was probably an extra detail, but we respected Patti's advice. Much to my joy, six days into my vacation, I received an email that a bid had been offered.  By the time we returned from our vacation, the closing was only a few weeks in the future. Patti did a very good job and I highy recommend her.  -Marie D.

We really loved working with Patti to find our home. After our first meeting, she had a great feel for what we were looking for and directed us to listings that she knew we'd love. Her deep knowledge of the area really paid off for us. When we found the one we liked, Patti was a tremendous negotiator and advocate for us, helping us to quickly reach an agreement with the sellers, and working with us on resolving several tricky post-inspection problems. We plan to live in this house forever, but if we do buy or sell for some reason in the future, there's no doubt we'll call Patti rght away.   -Sharon B. and John S.

We were really thrilled by the service Patti provided to us. She was especialy helpful in the preparation process, seeing beyond the 29 years of "stuff" we had accumulated, to what our house could be for a potential buyer. She went room by room with us, advising on what we needed to put away. We followed her advice. She was spot on. Once our house was ready, we had photos taken. The photos were so beautiful and compelling that buyer found it hard to resist. We listed the house on a Monday and had a contract 6 days later! We appreciate her attention to detail, her professional approach, her telling us what she would do and then doing it, as she said she would. Patti really knows her market in Oak Park, and that resulted in wonderful results for us. Thank you, Patti!  -Mary & Jim F.

I worked with Patti Sprafka Wagner. She rocks! A second generation Realtor, her heart and soul are in the business 24/7.  She was responsive, smart, and insightful. She put information into MY terms/language so that I could understand why my house wasn't worth what I had hoped. I followed her advice with staging, etc., and my house sold in two days!  -Tracy T.

"Highly Recommened." We have known Patti and used her real estate expertise for many years. She is experienced, professional, and gets results. Her greatest strength is that she always puts her clients first, whether you are buying, selling, or renting your home.  -Diana & Don J.

Having dealt with a myriad of real estate professionals over the years, I can truly say that Patti is la creme de la creme! She is superb! She knows the market, LISTENS to the client, is honest, and delivers great results. If you are looking for real estate guidance from a person with integrity, knowledge, and people skills, Patti is the one! A++++++ rating in my book.  -Vlad A.

We were first-time buyers and completely new (and nervous!) about the whole process. But Patti made everything extremely easy and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She realy looked out for our best interest and was knowledgeable about the area where we were buying. Another huge plus is she's extremely honest, this is her most standout quality.  She'l be the first to tell you what's wrong with a property, and she doesn't gloss over potential problem areas with a home. She'll tell you up-front about the pros and cons of any property. She even told us key things to ask during the home inspection! She quickly built a solid level of trust with us, and we definitely felt we rely on her for her honest opinion. Patti was very responsive to our calls (which were many!). She was respectful, patient, and didn't pressure us to make any hasty decisions. You could tell she values her clients tremendously, and she takes great care to build a solid relationship. We will definitely be using Patti in the future, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy/sell!  -Jillian & Dan Z.

In a challenging housing market, it is important to have an experienced advocate on your side. There are so many questions and concerns: Will we be able to sell our home? What can we do to get top dollar in a reasonable period of time? What is “top dollar”? Will we find a house we love at a price we can afford? How long is all of this going to take? Patti Sprafka Wagner is an amazing Realtor and advocate. Her real world experience, energetic support and incredible attention to detail are absolutely essential to anyone buying or selling a home. Before putting our home on the market, Patti toured the house and provided extremely helpful and realistic suggestions for making it more appealing to potential buyers.  We listened carefully, followed her advice and were under contract within 30 days of listing! Then, faced with a relatively short timeline for buying a new house, Patti's insight and knowledge of the local housing inventory proved to be invaluable. We are notoriously picky, but Patti truly understood our needs and showed us several excellent houses. In the end, we bought a wonderful house, at a terrific price, in a much-loved neighborhood. If you are buying and/or selling a house, you need every advantage you can get. Do yourself a favor--Call Patti Sprafka Wagner. You will be very glad you did.  -Nancy & Chuck H.

Patti was the broker for the purchase of my Oak Park home. She was so impressive, that 21 years later, she was the only broker who I considered to both sell that house and handle my purchase. As a homeowner and an attorney, I rate Patti as one of the most outstanding professionals--across all fields--with whom I have worked.  Her market knowledge is unerring; she negotiates contracts more strategically than most lawyers; she actively cultivates her own cadre of the best providers (closing attorneys, home inspectors, contractors). her integrity is beyond question, which when combined with her experience, gives her the authority to deal effectively with other brokers.

On the Sales side, she is brilliant at establishing price and in  marketing the house. I thought she was unduly optimistic on target sales price, and persnickety on repairs. Ha! Her presenation of the house (including fabulous web photographs) triggered a flood of immediate interest, and an offer from the eventual buyers within one week. her negotiating skills acheived her target sales price, to the penny.

On the Purchase side, Patti might as well be an inspector herself. No one can read the strengths and weaknesses of a house like she can. It was great fun to watch her in action particularly as brokers tried to tap-dance on flooding and repair issues. I don't think they have yet recovered from her blunt and accurate assessments. Patti also take responsibilty for landing you a house that fits. She kept me focused on what I really wanted, with useful questions like "do you really want that much yard". She is a wonderful and trusted ally. This entire process can feel like a battle, and Patti always has your back. Patti redefines what you expect from a broker, and she is stil exciting about the business and adding to her skills. Whether you are listening to her knowledgeably discuss wiring with the home inspector or problems with the form contract clauses with the attorney, it is clear that you are working with a professional's professional.  -Julia M.

Patti is a top notch agent who excels in home staging and negotiation. She happily took on the selling role for our property. Patti a very strong agent who knows the Oak Park area. WIth Patti's preparedness we were able to close the deal in less than 45 days and without hitch. I would definitely recommend Patti for future real estate transactions.  -Juanita & Richard D.

Selling a home can be a very nerve-racking experience. We were very fortunate to list our property with Patti. She offered practical advice and made the experience quick, easy, and relatively painless. Our two flat sold in less than one week with multiple offers thanks to Patti's knowledge and guidance! Needless to say, we highly recommend Patti.  -Ellen F.

I wanted to take some time to discuss our experience working with Patti. From the very early stages of the home-buying process, my wife and I were absolutely sure that we had found the right Realtor for us. Patti was very professional and we liked her emphasis on ethics. She put us in touch with a very competent and easy-to-work with mortgage agent very early and he had us pre-approved quickly.

We had centered our home search in an area that Patti was very familiar with. I always felt that we were seeing the best houses in our area and price range; I never felt like we were wasting time. Every property was an opportunity for Patti to show us something and I felt like, by the end of the process, I had learned quite a bit.

Patti has a very no-nonsense style and is very easy to work with. My wife and I looked forward to viewings and I think I’m not over-stating things when I say that we both enjoyed Patti’s company (after finding our new home, we commented that we would miss looking at houses with her).

Patti was with us every step of the way, including the closing and inspections. unanswThere was never an unanswered question.

In the end, Patti helped us find a home that we love for less than we imagined we’d have to pay. I cannot recommend her enough. If you have the opportunity to work with Patti, you will have a guide and an advocate and your home-buying journey will be a much easier (and more fun) experience.  -Karen & David P.

Patti did a great time for us in our home search. She got to know us, understood what we were looking for, steered us clear of dead ends, and pointed us towards the best options. When negotiating, she could drive a hard bargain, but was always realistic. Thanks to Patti, we found the right house for our family.  -Molly M. & JB A.

Patti helped stage our house to get it ready to sell and priced it competitively. She brought in many interested buyers and did a great job closing the deal.  -Robin F.

Patti helped us to purchase our home and I can't imagine buying a house in Oak Park without her help. She knows the area and always looked out for our best interests. We're very grateful for her help.  -Lila & Adam E.

As this was the first time I have ever put a property on the market, Patti was the perfect person for me to work with. Twenty-five years ago, she was my realtor when I bought the property and she was the only person I considered when it came time to sell. In addition to listing my property, she helped me get it ready for the market as I was moving to another state. With an extraordinary attention to detail and a willingness to answer any questions, I felt completely confident and comfortable working with her. Let me add my recommendation to the chorus of others who she has shepherded through what could otherwise be a very trying experience!  -Barbara B.

Patti is very experienced and highly knowledgeable about Oak Park and surrounding areas. She's also very personable and easy to work with. I'd have no reservations about recommending her.  -George W.

We hired Patti to sell our Oak Park home this past Spring. We were impressed by the fact that on the first visit, before we had decided on a realtor, she was measuring rooms. When she presented us with "comps" she had many more than others had shown us and pulled from a variety of housing styles to arrive at her suggested price range. Patti has an eye for detail and staging and we did everything she suggested, moving furniture around, painting, etc. no matter how trivial it seemed. The photographs of the house were stunning! She was always available (I don't think she sleeps) and answered our sometime inane questions quickly. We had lived in the house 32 years so selling houses is not something we do often and we were anxious. The end result of all of this hard work on her part was -- 5 offers after three days on the market, all but one over list price! She was a great resource for equally professional people we needed to address things like floor refinishing, radon mitigation and all the other little things that arise during a process such as this. Patti is a true professional who obviously loves all aspects of the real estate business and works tirelessly for her clients.   -Linda & Peter B.

Patti was great to work with! She helped stage our house to get it ready to sell, brought in a lot of interested buyers and spent time with us looking for our new house. She's knowledgeable about the area as well.  -Jason F.

Patti helped my family and I buy our home in Oak Park almost 6 years ago. She was amazing then and has kept in touch and been a resource for everything from paint to landscaping to locating contractors since then. I cannot say enough about her as a person and as a professional. Absolutely top notch!  -Doug M.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or relocate, I am here to assist you.  I wil be your guide and advocate, and will provide you with the quality of real estate service and communication you deserve.